Past South African Tours to the Dance World Cup

2014 Algarve, Portugal

2015 Bucharest, Romania

2016 Channel Islands, Jersey

2013 Brighton, England

30 Dancers from South Africa competed at the 2013 Dance World Cup finals in Brighton, England from 1 to 6 July 2013

With over 2,000 competitors and many more supporters and spectators, the city of Brighton was a hive of activity.

Many from South Africa was so amazed at the world class routines which the Dance World Cup is known for. It is really something to experience

South Africa also had some outstanding results with the solo, due and quartet routines it entered.

Codi Passmore - GOLD - Children Solo Tap

Micaela Todd - SILVER - Children Solo Modern and Contemporary

Codi Passmore and Christian Bailey - SILVER - Junior Duet/Trio Tap

Kalon Badenhorst - SILVER - Junior Solo Modern Boys

Colby Abbott, Kira Worall, Codi Passmore and Christian Bailey - SILVER - Junior Tap Quartet

Gorata Mfaladi - SILVER - Senior Solo National and Folklore

Kira Worall and Colby Abbott - BRONZE - Children Due/Trio Tap